Tantric Orgasm

Orgasm is the ultimate experience of bliss, surrender and release. It is the holy grail of sexual experiences, the ultimate happy ending, release of semen, and a ten second contraction of euphoria. Imagine if you could take this energy and extend it, filling your whole body and fixing time into infinity, creating an energy field of bliss that you could hold onto forever. For most people, the word orgasm and ejaculation are synonymous. According to Tantra, they are not. Anyone who has experienced a tantric energy experience will know that there is much more to sex than the contraction and release of the conventional orgasm.

Try to move from the point of view that an orgasm is the release of semen and some short contractions to viewing an orgasm as a movement of energy. It’s a movement of sexual, life force energy. As the energy builds up before the release, you experience a euphoric high and then tense into the contraction, and the energy is released.

Harnessing the life energy
The energy can move in many directions. Traditionally we know it to leave the penis and the body, or as the French say, ‘le petit mort’, and that is the end of the sexual experience. What if you could harness that energy and move it through your body, feeding your body with the vibrations of the orgasm and lying indefinately in the blissful vibration of energy? The thing is, you can. Thousands of years ago, the Taoists and Tantrists were living in societies where sex was not sidelined, but rather respected as the route to spirituality, good health and longevity. They studied the science of sex and orgasm.

Sexual energy is a powerful drive. In an evolutionary context, it’s equal to the drive to eat; it’s about our survival. It’s life-force energy, with the power to create a new life. It contains our DNA and inherited information from our ancestors. And yet we lose it, sometimes on a daily basis, as a thoughtless release of tension. The thing is, there is so much more you can do with your sexual energy and there are so many types of orgasms and orgasmic experiences that you can have, but you are missing out on them because you don’t know any different.

We could talk about an orgasm as a build up and explosion of energy. Maybe you think that it’s always accompanied by ejaculation, but it doesn’t have to be. Ejaculation is loss of energy, but this energy can be built up and allowed to move around the body. The main secret to extended orgasm is learning to relax, truly relax. As sexual energy builds up, we can often move into a state of contraction, and then experience the explosive ejaculation. This is programmed behaviour that can lead to an unplanned and untimely ending of a sexual adventure. Just as you have been programmed to contract and release, you can reprogram yourself to relax and expand, allowing the vibrations of orgasm to spread through your body. You can continue to allow the sexual energy build up and spread through every part of your being, vibrating every cell and filling your being with euphoria. This is called an orgasmic state and it is a central part of tantric sexual experience.

Full body orgasms
Another hallmark of tantric sexual experience is the full body orgasm. Like the Taoists who arguably were the ultimate sexologists to date, Tantrists were aware that orgasm and ejaculation is no the same thing. If we think of ejaculation as an orgasm leaving the penis, imagine if the orgasm were channelled up your body instead. That’s how a full body orgasm occurs. Orgasms occur moments before ejaculation. If you separate the two and bring the energy up your body instead, you start to shake and your whole body is filled with the orgasmic energy and this can last as long as you want it to.

Now, I can imagine you are sitting there thinking, How is it possible to do this? It sounds so difficult. The practice of edging is a place to start, and many men now are learning to have a closer relationship with themselves, their sexual natures, and orgasmic energy through this practice. There is also a really enjoyable shortcut to the tantric orgasmic experience, and that is to have a tantric massage. I’m not talking about the erotic massage dressed up as ‘tantric’, with an advert displaying a picture of a lady in lingerie with her eyes censored by a black bar. Erotic massages are great, don’t get me wrong, but a session with an experienced and qualified tantric masseuse will wake up your body to this experience.

Finding the right practitioner

Finding a proper practitioner is like walking through a minefield, and it’s easy to be disappointed with what you get because the term ‘tantric’ has become a generic term for any erotic massage. If you want to find a serious tantric masseuse who can give you this classic experience, here is what to look for:

Their picture will show their face
Sessions are normally 3-6 hours long
You can check out where they studied
Ask them if the session normally involves ejaculation (for men). If they say no, you are probably on the right path
They are likely to have their own website. Read it to find out more about them
Orgasmic touch
Erotic massage can be a blissful experience, but tantric takes you a few steps further. In fact, you could say that it takes you to another dimension. That’s because tantric massage works with energy. The sexual experience of the physical dimension, the mundane, is about physical stimulation. Physical stimulation is also a part of the tantric experience, but it’s a very different kind of stimulation. The stimulation is lighter, it can be gentle and slow, but because the practitioner has opened up your energy, the slightest touch can be orgasmic.

Beginning of your tantric journey
The experience ofbeing in an orgasmic state is something everyone should experience, and once you experience it, you will want to experience more. A tantric sexual experience is the beginning of an exploration of self through sensation to discover the hidden depths of your existence. Orgasm is so much more than the release of semen. It’s an experience of powerful energy. It’s a neutral energy that can be used to create connections, love and life, but it is also a cause of crime because it becomes toxic if it is repressed and ignored.

If you don’t understand your sexual energy, it can become overwhelming and seem like the only option is release. But if you learn to understand it, to befriend it, and to utilise it, sexual energy can become your ally and your best friend. You can channel its force to strengthen your body with this energy that has the power to create a new life. But most of all, you can have fun while doing it.

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