Better Pleasure, Better Orgasm

As far as we know, there is no one who would turn down the chance to experience the ecstasy of each release which lasted longer and was more powerful. The ancient Hindu treatise on sexual pleasure, the Kama Sutra demonstrates that people have been seeking ever higher peaks of pleasure for millennia. Here are a few old and new techniques that have been proven to work when higher peaks of pleasure is the subject

During the Act
To start with one of the oldest techniques, just breathe.

That’s right, Tantric coital techniques that even sex therapists recommend today center around the flow of breath. Breathing in infuses the blood and muscles with nourishing oxygen that keeps you going longer while exhaling flushes toxins out with each breath. This relaxes your entire body and mind, allowing you to prolong and enjoy every moment more vividly.

This one is probably the most difficult – hold back.

It is an intense battle not to release at the first opportunity. Yet, good things come to all who wait and it has been shown – you are welcome to do your own research – that the longer you refrain from simply letting go, the most the eventual explosion of pleasure will be. Try holding back once for a start, and work your way up to true mastery of your sensations over time.

There are 3 immediate benefits of these two moves:

Increase in stamina;
Prolonging the sex act;
Prolong the duration of the orgasm.
Preparation for the Act
Related to holding back – working it up.

If jumping straight into holding back is too hard, meet its cousin, foreplay. The period before the actual coitus is as important as the act itself in terms of the level of pleasure the participants eventually enjoy. Foreplay possesses the additional benefit of accustoming the body to the peaks and troughs of sexual interaction that prolong your stamina.

And finally, working out.

Getting fit not only promotes the production of nitric oxide that helps in sexual arousal, it improves the appearance of the body, a key factor in boosting self-confidence which ultimately and inevitably plays a part in a satisfying sexual encounter.

Who's gona have an orgasm tonight?
Lust of love
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