Massage in your intimate life One of the great fears of couples, is to fall into monotony, that frightens them, because they are afraid that this will ruin the relationship, the monotony is sometimes linked to the fact that the couple already have (or they think they do) experienced everything, then in a despair begin to think of alternatives to spice up the relationship: like BDSM, sex in public or others, however forget that massage is a very viable option to spice up the relationship, especially since there are many ways to do so.

And why a massage?
There is virtually nothing as erotic as touch, if done correctly. And massage is all about touch.
And yes, between the couple you do not need to be professionals in the world of massage, nor have any higher education in physiotherapy, just a few tips (like these) and lots of attraction among the people in question and everything will go well!
No need to go to buy expensive oils, or candles to perform a massage, can do a great massage to each other with material that have at home, your bed, is a great example.
There are many types of specialized massage, but the most common, and arguably the most basic, is known as Swedish massage. If you've ever given or received an impromptu massage from someone, it's probably vaguely based on Swedish massage techniques. It is the easiest to learn and that is why we will use it as the basis of this article.
Another aspect of massage is that you can enjoy yourself immensely as you learn by practicing one another.
There are no wrong moves, and whatever is the best and most enjoyable is the perfect path for both.

Perfect atmosphere:
There is no stander-room for the perfect massage environment, but there are a few tips that will help improve the aura of the massage:
a warm room;
Soft lighting (candles are a great idea) relaxing music (not too loud);
turn off your phones!

Some tips:
You can start with a two-bath, warm water and serene atmosphere that you have created will increase blood flow and pack your muscles making them more sensitive to touch making them much more responsive to massage.
The massage area had to be prepared well in advance, too. Besides a pleasant temperature, soft light and pleasant music, you will need:

A firm surface for the massage - a bed is usually sufficient
Massage oil (s) - choose one with a scent she likes, or no smell, is also a hypothesis, it is better not to risk than to err totally
Towels - Spread them on the bed to prevent oil from ruining your sheets and mattresses.
Pillows - this will help her feel comfortable. One to support the head and another to put under the body in the best access position. (it will help in the genital area (yoni or prostate).

Doing the action
Massages usually begin with the receiver lying on its back. Drizzle a small amount of oil in your body - you can always add it later. Be sure to rub your hands to warm them before you begin.
Use long, sweeping strokes to caress the skin from the neck to the buttocks and legs to the feet. This prepares your senses for the firmer touch that will follow.
Then use a firmer touch to relieve tension from stress centers, such as the point where the neck meets the shoulders and the sides of the shoulders. Use your fingertips to push the flesh and muscle to loosen knots. Knead the flesh between the fingers and thumb and use the base of the palm to apply more pressure if necessary.
The back should be one of the main areas where you focus your massage. The flat, wide surface and large muscles here allow even a first-time masseur to offer a very nice touch with ease.
Use circular motions to cover your back and then use the kneading action you previously used on the shoulders to reach specific areas with tension knots. Swedish massage includes the use of joints and even elbows to get to these particularly tight nodes, but there is no need to exert too much pressure on your first attempts.

Sensual massage for couples
It's best to leave the buttocks for now and move to the legs. The thighs also have large muscles that respond well to massage and the kneading of the calves is quite pleasurable for the recipient. The feet are an erogenous zone in virtually everyone, in part because they are very heavy throughout the day but rarely receive proper care and a gentle touch. Use your thumbs to massage the sole, especially along the arch of the foot. Place the index finger below each toe and press the thumbnail with the nail.

Now that you've started with the erotic areas, go back to the buttocks. The glutes are the largest muscles in the human body and benefit from firm massage. Leaving the sides of your hands and fingers brushing between your legs is a wonderfully electrifying tactic.
https://www.lustmassageparis.comn Refrain from more direct stimuli in moment. omento. Move back to the ears and neck, but now with a clearly more deliberate focus on the sensitive part of the neck and ears. Use your reactions and your reactions like sighs and deep depths or panting to identify what works best. All of these tips Lust work as a relationship tool because it involves the touch that ranges from completely platonic to suggestive to overtly sexual. This allows you to navigate the geography of your relationship while exploring the geography of your body. Try it, you will not regret it.

Will you use those tips on your relationship?
Lust us know